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- Printing Machines - APM 2

Automatic Printing Machine

APM 2 - Flexography - Printing Machine

APM 2 - Flexography - Printing Machine


Simple flexo-printing machine APM 2 has been designed for printing onto the all kind of artificial casings with using of the central drums. The machine has 2 printing section i.m. that is possible to print two colours from one side of the casing.

The machine speed is possible to set continuously in a range up to 200 m/min by changing the speed of the main drive.

Technical description

  • Electronic control (PLC - LENZE)
  • Electronic components (Siemens, Lenze)
  • Pneumatic components - FESTO
  • Videosystem - FIFE
  • Electro mechanics band stabilisation equipment before printing (EBSE) - FIFE
  • Drying - one circuit with a temperature regulation
  • Corona system (from an one side): VETAPHONE
  • Sleeves POLYFLEX
  • Clamping of coils: mechanical as a standard, pneumatic adapters TIDLAND on a request
  • Printing section 1 with Rakel knife
  • Moving of colour supports by pneu-cylinders
  • Another equipment on a request

The producer has all rights reserved to change design of the shirring machines and parts, which has no influence to right function of the machines.
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