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- Printing Machines - APM 4+0/3x

Automatic Printing Machine

APM 4+0/3x - Flexography - Printing Machine

APM 4+0/3x - Flexography - Printing Machine

The flexo-printing machine APM 4+0/3x has been designed for printing onto the all kinds of artificial casings with using of the central drum. The machine has 4+0 printing sections i.m. that is possible to print four colours from one side and no one colour from the other side of the casing. Is also possible to print up three casings together in the same time. The mechanical machine speed is possible to set continuously in a range up to 250 m/min by changing the speed of the main drive. The printing speed depends on a quantity of printed casings together, used inks, quantity of colours etc.  The drive of the central drum and the cooling cylinder are provided by electro-drives.

Machine functions

The rolls with casings are step by step fixed on the shafts through the pneumatic expanding adapters (6 shafts unwinding). The machine is equipped with a braking system with a magnetic electromagnetic powder brake with a dancing roll. The casing to be printed passes through dancing roll to the Corona ionization equipment for improving of surface paint adhesion. There from through the web stabilisation equipment casing is led through web stabilisation equipment and pressure roller to the central printing cylinder where preliminary drying  is realized between printing sections 1-4. Then casing passes through the video-equipment for controlling of register accuracy, goes to the drying chamber and is cooled down on the cooling drum. Through web stabilisation equipment and dancing roll casing is transferred to the rewinding core, which is also fixed on the shaft (6 shafts winding) by means of pneumatic adapter. The shafts have independent drives, torque of motors is also adjusted via dancing roll with angular displacement measuring device. 

Machine components

  • Electronic control (PLC) – Lenze
  • Electronic components – Lenze Siemens, Gefran, Legrand, Indoor, Telemecanique
  • Pneumatic components - FESTO
  • Videosystem – FIFE
  • Electro mechanics brakes system  - couples RE with dancer
  • Electro mechanics web stabilisation equipment FIFE
  • Drying - DBK – two separate circuits with a temperature regulation
  • Corona system –VETAPHONE
  • Sleeves POLYFLEX – inside diameter 114,708 mm
  • Clamping pneumatic adapters  – TIDLAND
  • Ink units – equipped with Rakel chambers (Doctor blades) incl. pumps
  • Moving of colour supports – pneu-cylinders with a position fixation

The producer has all rights reserved to change design of the shirring machines and parts, which has no influence to right function of the machines.
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