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- Moistening and Rewinding Machines - MRM 120

Moistening and Rewinding Machine

MRM 120 - Moistening and Rewinding Machine

MRM 120 - Moistening and Rewinding Machine


The moistening and rewinding machine MRM 120 has been designed for processing of artificial food casings based on collagen and plastic materials.

Mode of Operation
The machine is used for moistening and rewinding of food casings based on collagens and plastic materials prior the processing on the shirring machine. The machine operation is continuous so that its attendance consists in replacement of coils with the casings. The coils with casings are mechanically fixed on the unwinding mandrel (pneumatically on a request). The casing is then guided over a brake roll and unwinding rolls into the moistening vessel from where it is drawn through a water-nozzles device onto a winding mandrel with a mechanical regulator of the casing coil tightness. The machine is driven by a phase electric motor controlled from a control box at the machine top. A frequency changer for adequate moistening of the casing can drive the unwinding speeds. The winding coil speed is driven according to unwinding diameter of coil by the triction couple with spring. The machine is furnished with a brake to avoid unrolling of the casing in a case of the process interruption. The machine must be supplied with potable water and for it is used a water filter on the inlet.

The machine can be also completed by optional equipment for electronic band stabilization. 


  • The wide range of processed casing diameters
  • The very low energy consumption
  • The low noise level
  • The space-sawing design
  • Another modifications or equipment on a request

The producer has all rights reserved to change design of the shirring machines and parts, which has no influence to right function of the machines.
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